Grandpa's Ship

As creative generalists, we're proud of our extremely broad range of skills. Whether you are looking for photoreal CG simulations or a highly stylized graphic language, we are nimble enough to create anything you can imagine. Below you can read about the main things we do.


Creative Lead

Mark started the award-winning, Toronto-based Electric Square in 2006. His idea was to build an independently minded Animation & Visual Effects studio, conceived for filmmakers who choose storytelling over spectacle. 

He oversees each project from conception to completion, working closely with the filmmaker to serve their vision and craft a visual style to suit each project.  The joy and challenge of working resourcefully is the driving force behind Electric Square.

Mark's passion for telling stories goes back as far as he can remember, growing up in the Canadian prairies. He started with cartooning, collage and stop motion animation as a kid. As a sullen teenager he moved onto 'zines and video editing using two VCRs. Nowadays his digital tools of the trade incorporate a broad spectrum of anything needed to get the job done.


Studio Manager

Karen has been project manager for Electric Square since 2013.  She brings her experience as an independent producer and director of both documentary and drama to the job as she helps fellow filmmakers to navigate the world of Motion Graphics.  

Before delving into film and television, Karen studied acting and directing at Toronto Metropolitan University.  After years performing in diverse projects from Shakespeare to go-go dancing in musical comedy troupe, The Washed-Up Blondes; Karen decided she wanted to have more control over her creative endeavours.  She is a self-taught filmmaker that believes you learn best by doing.


Karen creates original work through Curiosity Shop Productions.


We are a scrappy, under-the-radar post vfx and animation house who have been creating visual magic for decades. We have a fierce DIY mentality that always results in creative solutions.

Our philosophy is that resourcefulness rules, and believe that there's always a way to create what you're imagining.

Our passion comes from a lifetime of studying and practicing the techniques of the first pioneers of camera trickery, up to our endless curiosity and embrace of ever-evolving visualization technologies. It's a brave new world that we see as a continuum of a grand tradition.